Breaking Down the 2016 State of the DevOps Report: Listen to the Skytap Podcast with Puppet's Nigel Kersten, Anders Wallgren and Skytap's Dan Jones

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Anders Wallgren, CloudBees's CTO, had the opportunity recently to sit down with Puppet's CIO & VP of operations, Nigel Kersten and Dan Jones , Skytap's Director of Product Management to discuss Puppet’s 2016 State of DevOps Report , and some of his favorite findings from this year's data.
DevOps goes both deep and wide in today's enterprises, encompassing all aspects that come into play in your organizations' software delivery practices - including your organization's culture and people, technology, tools of the trade, processes, and more.
As Anders puts it in the interview: "Teams that have a robust automated software pipeline, can operate with confidence. You can try things. You can experiment. You can work fast because you know that if you break something it’s going to get caught in the pipeline. That’s a fundamentally different mindset that people have. I think it’s almost understating it to say that we’re able to be more agile. We’re able to be human. We’re able to be more confident and get more things done, which is pretty spectacular. We see that in Fortune 20 banks, in large enterprises, and even in government institutions and aerospace institutions. Places where you would expect to see a lot of slow moving, cautious types of behavior. We’re seeing much more rational, fast behavior with these methodologies, which is really fascinating and very cool. "
Listen to the podcast to learn from Nigel, Dan and Anders about the incredible impact that DevOps has on your business, where to start with your DevOps transformation and how to ramp it up to the massive scale that today's large enterprises operate in, what does DevOps have to do with employee satisfaction and retention, and more.

Thanks for our friends at Skytap for having us on this great podcast! You can also read the transcript of the discussion on the Skytap blog .

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