Introducing "The Software Agents," CloudBees' Newest Podcast Series and Episode 1: "Remaking Retail Overnight"

Written by: Christina Noren
4 min read
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The Software Agents is a new podcast series sponsored by CloudBees. Each week we bring you leaders from many fields applying software to reimagine them for the new world under construction. Listen to the first episode here.

Software, more than ever, is remaking all the ways we try to cope, adapt and evolve as a global human society. Driven to act by current crises and their follow-on effects, leaders in retail, government, medicine, education, wealth management, real estate, manufacturing, transportation, even art museums are using new software to leap over barriers and unlock potential. These people know that software doesn’t just boost productivity metrics. It unlocks innovation, and liberates people to think and grow. We may be working from home, but we’ve never had more to do or more reason to expand our definition of possibility.

The People Making It Happen

The Software Agents brings you the people using software to help every industry, sector, and domain of life adapt during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, in the midst of economic devastation and massive social unrest due to underlying deep social injustice. The Software Agents is a podcast based in the reality, hope and promise that software is truly transforming the world in meaningful ways. It will move humanity forward beyond what we see, perhaps beyond what we can imagine right now.

Each week we’ll have expert guests from fields being reimagined through software. We’ll explore how it will enable physical distancing and safe air at locations from factories to theaters to museums to schools to sports arenas. Other guests will speak on how software is advancing critical research. Still others will share how software innovations let businesses thrive in a whole new climate, or empower activists to turn social justice campaigns from slogans into reality.

In all of our conversations, we’ll look inside the teams who deliver these capabilities. How do they handle the new pressures of software development during the current crisis – challenges that vary widely at the level of people, process and tools? 

Each of our guests has a deep understanding of their domains–whether it’s pharma, finance, entertainment or the food supply. All are steeped in their sector’s response to the crises we currently face. They are truly “building stuff that matters.” My producer Paul Boutin and I jumped at the chance to talk with such lively, engaged leaders about what’s happening in our unique current moment.

Who do we think will want to listen? 

  • Any software professional curious to understand how software is impacting the world around them beyond their own specific current focus, and to understand how other teams are navigating the changes in how software is delivered. 

  • Any leader  - business or technical - responsible for applying software to help their organizations adapt during this time of transition.

Both execs and devs will hear relevant ideas from peers in their industry and beyond. We hope you tune in, learn, and get inspired. We hope you are uplifted to hear the creative ways in which software teams everywhere are stepping up to make the new world that emerges better.

Episode 1: Remaking Retail Overnight

Our first guest this week is Will Hayes, CEO of Lucidworks. His company powers search for major retailers among others. Will tells us how in the months since lockdowns began, most brands’ online stores went from just one of many sales channels to their flagship presence. How does his company’s software let them bring their unique in-store experience and expertise to online customers? Will also talks a bit about his personal journey as one of the few Black CEOs in Silicon Valley.

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