App framework popularity update

Following on from last months report on new app framework popularity (from ClickStarts) - I thought I would give an update:

framework popularity from ClickStarts

Overall - not a huge change - other than Play2 increasing its gain over everything else, and EE6 shrinking. The “long tail” of other frameworks is still there, however growing (mostly at EE6’s expense, it would seem) - and some frameworks jumping up and down a bit.

It will be interesting to see this over the year - as we are introducing new things all the time - expect to see new things appear. I can see from the last week or 2 that the AngularJS one has shot up - it is a very recent addition (and quite a newly popular framework). Play also had a recently release (2.1) so I would expect to see that in a bump next month.


  • Play2: ↑↑
  • EE6: ↓
  • Node.js: ↑
  • AngularJS: ↑↑↑


It is important to note that this represents not apps started via ClickStarts - not what is running on the platform (so, potentially a leading indicator).



Add up the various .js frameworks and they are larger than Tomcat and Hibernate!

Yes, it seems to be that way. It is complicated by the fact that every web app uses js (well, almost all, certainly lots) - but this is a good indicator of the general interest in JS.

Does JEE6 indicate the users deploying to app servers like Glassfish/JBoss and not using Spring? Usually Spring has a notable part of the usage and here we see only JEE6 vs Tomcat & Hibernate. BTW, Tomcat & Hibernate combo is also a bit weird - what does it mean? The results are a bit hard to interpret - some % is for a Java app server, and some are for JS framework..

Anton - yeah this isn't really what is running, or the framework - but specifically to do with new apps launched with the "click start" feature - so there are specific clickstarts that are recipies of predefined things (in this case the EE6 one does not include spring). <br /><br />So it is hard to read too much into it - other than a glimps of possible future trends - ie, given what is on offer - these are what is popular.

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