App framework popularity update

Written by: Michael Neale
1 min read
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Following on from last months report on new app framework popularity (from ClickStarts) - I thought I would give an update:

Overall - not a huge change - other than Play2 increasing its gain over everything else, and EE6 shrinking. The "long tail" of other frameworks is still there, however growing (mostly at EE6's expense, it would seem) - and some frameworks jumping up and down a bit.

It will be interesting to see this over the year - as we are introducing new things all the time - expect to see new things appear. I can see from the last week or 2 that the AngularJS one has shot up - it is a very recent addition (and quite a newly popular framework). Play also had a recently release (2.1) so I would expect to see that in a bump next month.


  • Play2: ↑↑

  • EE6: ↓

  • Node.js: ↑

  • AngularJS: ↑↑↑

It is important to note that this represents not apps started via ClickStarts - not what is running on the platform (so, potentially a leading indicator).

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