A Message from Our CEO: Investing in CloudBees Customers and the Future

Written by: Stephen DeWitt
4 min read

Today, I am excited to share that CloudBees has secured $150 million in series F equity financing with a $1 billion valuation. We also closed a $95 million debt facility to accelerate our growth.

This is a momentous point in time for us as a company—our employees, our founders, our leaders, and our customers—and it’s an inflection point in the story of CloudBees. In February, I joined the Hive with the ultimate goal of shifting CloudBees to prepare for the next chapter: to lead the DevOps space in terms of our vision, our strategy, our revenues, and the ultimate bottom-line we deliver to our stakeholders through our execution. I also shared at that time that a successful fundraising round would be a key measure of our success.

Today’s news is a testament to the opportunity in the market, our unique position to take advantage of it, and the enterprise expertise and capability investors see  in us—and their confidence in us to deliver on it.

Watch this video to hear more about this investment and where CloudBees is headed.

If you are passionate about the digital transformation journey and continuously improving your customer experience and business outcomes, get in touch with our experts today to learn more about how our platform can help. And if you are inspired by our story and the opportunities ahead, we invite you to join the Hive.

Stephen DeWitt 

CEO, CloudBees

Video Transcription

The software first economy is here. It is now. 

Everything we do has changed. And at the center of all of it is software.

CloudBees was there at the outset of DevOps. A little over a decade ago, when the promise of the cloud and the promise to deliver a new class of software inspired the industry to embrace change. And those companies that embrace change were able to derive a competitive advantage. 

They were able to innovate faster at a lower cost. They were able to move more definitively than their competition, and the market showed who the winners and the losers were through all of that.

The world is moving to continuous innovation. Constant change in the ability to bring new and compelling experiences to anyone, anywhere at any time. And so innovation needing to be delivered continuously changes all of the rules around software development. 

Customers choose us because we understand those realities, and we sit side by side with them to map a software journey that enables them to be at their competitive best. Period. 

And when you look at the future our customers envision. Some of the most complex sophisticated software development houses on the planet. Expectations are very high for what we can do at CloudBees, and this funding will play an enabling role for us.

There's three key areas that we're going to invest in. First and foremost are people. Everything we do is a result of our people. Every great piece of software we write, every customer engagement we have, how we run our business. It's all about our people that will be our number one investment. Following that is our investment in our product and our solutions. We are an enterprise software development company. 

Our purpose is to build tools and solutions that allow our customers to innovate in this software first society. Innovation is happening continuously, and modern enterprises need to be prepared for that. They need to flourish in that environment. And this financing will help drive our investments along those lines.

The final area of critical investment for us at this moment is developing the global partnerships and scale that will allow us to meet our customers where they are.

We're at an exciting point in our growth right now. The next few years will be characterized by extraordinary advancements in our space, and we'll be right there to lead those. And those are the challenges that we live for. That's why CloudBees exists.

The investments that we've gotten, the resources that we will bring to bear to help companies solve this problem will define us, and will define our industry over the next decade. 

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