7 Reasons YOU Should Attend Jenkins World 2017

Written by: Hannah Inman
2 min read
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Jenkins World is the largest gathering of Jenkins® users in the world, including Jenkins experts, continuous delivery thought leaders and companies offering complementary technologies for Jenkins. Here are 7 reasons why YOU should be there:

  1. DevOps Tracks - You asked to learn more about DevOps, so for the first time ever at Jenkins World, there are THREE session tracks dedicated to DevOps: DevOps Leadership, DevOps Technical and DevOps Express.

  2. FREE Jenkins Certification - With your purchase of a full conference pass, receive a FREE Jenkins Certification voucher! That's a $150 value!!

  3. Keynotes from the Experts - Learn from the best of the best with keynotes from Jenkins and DevOps experts: Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Jenkins Founder; Sacha Labourey, CEO of CloudBees; and Jez Humble, DevOps Expert Extraordinaire!

  4. Build your Network - Over 1,500 continuous delivery thought leaders, IT executives, DevOps practitioners, Jenkins experts, users and partners from all over the world will be at Jenkins World 2017. Build meaningful connections, collaborate and problem-solve and talk about your favorite tech topics with like-minded individuals.

  5. Additional Training and Workshops - There are two FULL DAYS of Jenkins and DevOps training before the main conference begins. Start your trip early and fully embrace Jenkins World.*

  6. The Butler...LIVE! - Take your selfies with the Jenkins Butler. During the conference, you'll see the Butler meeting his biggest fans. Where will you be?

  7. A Seriously Packed Agenda - Jenkins World will provide expanded content for everything Jenkins and DevOps; covering culture, process design, automated testing, performance measurement, security and more. With 60+ sessions , there's something for everybody.

These are only 7 reasons to attend Jenkins World 2017, but there are a LOT more! Check out the website for more information and register here !

*Additional cost for some trainings and workshops.

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