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Get Trained or Prepare for Certification at Jenkins World 2017

Onsite Jenkins Training + Practical Strategies = Maximum Value at Jenkins World

Onsite training at Jenkins World provides an opportunity to get hands-on, in-depth skills, paired with practical strategies for accelerating software delivery with Jenkins. Training will be delivered by CloudBees and Jenkins World training sponsors: InfoStretch, OSA and ECS Digital. Training and workshops occur throughout the two days (August 28-29) before the conference sessions, allowing you to maximize learning opportunities throughout Jenkins World week.


Jenkins Certification Training

This is a thorough, two-day training course to help you prepare for certification. We will cover all exam topics through a curriculum based on the various steps of the continuous delivery process. This course also features a series of hands-on labs.

If that isn’t enough to persuade you, here are a few more reasons to sign-up:

  • Learn from Jenkins experts: Training is delivered by experts from organizations certified to deliver Jenkins training.
  • Get ready for certification: Brush up on your Jenkins expertise to help prepare for the Certified Jenkins Engineer (CJE) or Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer (CCJE) exam.
  • Get a voucher to take either exam: FREE with your Jenkins World registration.
  • Take the training - then stick around for the sessions: Jenkins World 2017 will encompass 60+ sessions across a variety of topics and geared towards Jenkins users of all skill levels.
  • NOTE: Both certifications are professional certifications. Depending on your current level of knowledge and practical experience with Jenkins, additional study and practice may be required to pass.
Jenkins Certification Training At A Glance
  • Cost: $899 USD (add it during the registration process)
  • Topics: This course reviews all topics covered in the Certified Jenkins Engineer (CJE) and Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer (CCJE) exams
  • Day & Time: Monday, August 28 - Tuesday, August 29 from 9am-5pm
  • Labs: Hands-on labs included
  • Capacity: 84
  • Instructor: Experts from ECS Digital, a certified Jenkins training partner
  • Rooms:
    Juniper, Laurel and Golden Gate Ballroom C1 (Day 1)
    Walnut (Day 2) 
Fundamentals of Jenkins Pipeline and Docker Training

This one-day training will be delivered on August 29, before the conference sessions begin. It is an introduction to Jenkins Pipeline deployed with Docker. Following an overview of Pipeline and Docker, students will go through a real-life Jenkins Pipeline/Docker project, allowing them to discover its main features within the context of a hands-on lab.

  • Learn about the need for Jenkins Pipeline. Learn about key pipeline use cases, structure and syntax, and execution control.
  • Get an understanding of how to prepare Docker environments. Learn about key Docker use cases, Docker tools and how to create a deployment lifecycle with Jenkins Pipeline and Docker.
  • Experience two projects in this course:
  1. Project 1 - How to combine CloudBees pipeline functionality with Docker, implement steps required for continuous integration/continuous delivery and create a deployment pipeline with Jenkins Pipeline and Docker.
  2. Project 2 - Teaches users more advanced features of CloudBees pipeline functionality with Docker.
Fundamentals of Pipeline and Docker Training At A Glance
  • Cost: $199 USD  (add it during the registration process)
  • Day & Time: Tuesday, August 29 from 9am - 5pm
  • Labs: Hands-on labs included
  • Capacity: 120 attendees
  • Instructor: Daniel Martin, CloudBees
  • Room:  Salon 3-6 
Fundamentals of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise

This training is an introduction to CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise. Following an architectural overview, students will go through a series of presentations and demonstrations, allowing them to discover the product’s main features. Learn how CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise enables enterprises to leverage Jenkins in ways not possible in open source.

The training starts with a section on CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise general concepts and is followed by two main sections:

  1. CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise Administration Fundamentals, covers topics such as CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise components, server roles, CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center, backup and worker recovery.
  2. CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise Common Operations, covers topics such as managing masters, adding a Palace agent template or external agents, security, scaling, migrating an existing master to CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, using the Docker Registry and destroying the cluster.

We will conclude with a section highlighting specific aspects of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise on several deployment platforms, such as AWS, OpenStack and VMware.


Fundamentals of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise At A Glance
  • Cost: $199 USD (add it during the registration process)
  • Day & Time: Tuesday, August 29 from 9am - 5pm
  • Capacity: 50 attendees
  • Instructors: Brent McConnell and Darin Pope, CloudBees
  • Room: Salon 12-13
Introduction to Jenkins

This training is an introduction to Jenkins and its environment. Learn how to easily create automated pipelines while putting in place best practices for continuous integration and continuous delivery. Learn how to get help from and contribute back to the Jenkins community.

Following an overview of the Jenkins ecosystem and community, we will cover key concepts and tools related to continuous integration and continuous delivery, such as: source code management, build, test and deployment. The core part of the training will be based on practical examples of pipeline creation, using the Blue Ocean Visual Pipeline Editor. We will also leverage other key components of Blue Ocean such as pipeline visualization, troubleshooting and personalization. We will conclude by introducing the powerful concept of Declarative Pipeline syntax and how it enables all DevOps team members, regardless of expertise, to participate in the continuous delivery process.

Introduction to Jenkins At A Glance
  • Cost: FREE  (add it during the registration process)
  • Day & Time: Tuesday, August 29 from 1pm-5pm
  • Capacity: TBD
  • Instructor: Patrick Wolf, CloudBees
  • Room: Salon 14-15
DevOps Leader Certification Training

A DevOps leader is a tactical or strategic individual who helps design, influence, implement or motivate the cultural transformation proven to be a critical success factor in DevOps adoption. This individual understands the human dynamics of cultural change and is equipped with practices, methods and tools to engage people across the DevOps spectrum.

The learning objectives for the DevOps Leader Certification training include a practical understanding of many important concepts, such as differences between DevOps IT and traditional IT, as well as important cultural and business considerations. Registrants MUST attend the virtual session (or take DevOps Foundation with one of the REPS) and you can take the DevOps Foundation Certification at your own convenience.  Registrants will not be able to take the DevOps Test Engineering or DevOps Leader exam without proof of DevOps Foundation certification.

DevOps Leader Certification Training At A Glance
  • Cost: $1,595 (add it during the registration process)
  • Day & Time: Monday, August 28 & Tuesday, August 29 from 9am-5pm
  • Capacity: 20
  • Instructor: Jayne Groll, DevOps Institute
  • Room: Pacific  J
DevOps Test Engineering Certification Training

The learning objectives for DevOps Test Engineering Certification training will allow the user to gain greater mastery over the purpose, benefits, concepts and vocabulary of DevOps testing. Students will also learn how DevOps testing differs from other types of testing. Different DevOps testing strategies, test management and results analysis will be discussed as well as strategies for selecting test tools and implementing test automation.

DevOps Test Engineering Certification Training
  • Cost: $1,595 (add it during the registration process)
  • Day & Time: Monday, August 28 & Tuesday, August 29, from 9am-5pm
  • Capacity: 20
  • Instructor: Marc Hornbeek, DevOps Institute
  • Room: Laurel


All attendees with a full conference sessions pass will receive a FREE certification exam voucher ($150 value) and can choose to sign up for an on-site exam (first-come, first-served) or use it at a later date!

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