Meet the Bees: Hope Lynch

Written by: Georgiana Patru
3 min read

Work Meets Humanity 

Meet Hope Lynch, senior director, platform in North Carolina

As the vaccine rollout continues and restrictions are lifting, more people are returning to their pre-pandemic work norms, complete with nine-to-five office schedules and arduous commutes. But that’s not the case for Hope Lynch, senior director, platform at CloudBees. Her work life has never fit the norm. And she likes it that way.

Living on the East Coast, Hope has ample time to do the things she loves before putting on her senior director hat at about 10 a.m. "I get to have breakfast, go for a walk, get on the rowing machine, maybe watch a few YouTube videos or do a little online shopping,” she says. 

Because CloudBees is a remote-first company, most employees enjoy a lot of flexibility, Hope says. 

"Getting to pick what works best for you, even if it’s not all that different from what would be expected of you – that does something to your mind. It sparks something.” 

Hope says the autonomy she feels at CloudBees is something you can’t find everywhere. "It’s great to work at a company that treats you like a grownup – a human.” Life happens, and sometimes life happens more for some people, she says. "I’m able to run upstairs if I forget my laundry. For others they can take care of their kid if they can’t schedule daycare. It’s a relief for us to know we can deal with personal things when they come up and not be reprimanded.” 

Work-life integration doesn’t just help Hope juggle her home life, it boosts her work output. "For me, I believe the happier you are, the more productive you are,” she says. "Could I manage without the flexibility? Yes, but I wouldn’t be a happier person. I love getting to exercise in the morning and have so much energy to take things on.” 

Hope has been able to wear many different hats before taking on her current role. And she credits CloudBees for those experiences. "There really is an opportunity to put your hand to whatever you’re interested in,” she says. "At larger companies you’re part of a machine. You put your peg in the hole so someone else can pick it up and put it in the box. But at CloudBees, you can figure out what the box will look like, what the pegs are, and how many are needed. You can do all those things.” Getting asked, "what do you really want to do?” wasn’t something Hope was used to. 

While strategy is her first love, execution has become her passion. "Ideas only get you so far,” she says. "It’s about making it real that matters.” CloudBees may afford Hope some much needed work-life integration, but she’s the one who gets to make important moments – a morning hike or happy hour with friends. Something real. Something human.  

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