Meet the Bees: Hope Lynch

Written by: Georgiana Patru
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The following blog post is the latest edition of Meet the Bees, a series in which we get to know the employees at CloudBees (affectionately known internally as “Bees”). In today’s post, the spotlight is on Hope Lynch, technology strategy director.

Hope is an experienced software transformation leader and the moderator of our Software Delivery Professional Series. I had a very enjoyable chat with Hope and I managed to find out more about her life at CloudBees and about her likes and dislikes, in general. Let’s dive into the highlights of our conversation. 

Let’s start with the ‘real’ Hope. How would you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, my name is Hope Lynch and I am the Director of Technology Strategy here at CloudBees. I was born in North Carolina, where I currently reside. As a child, I lived in the North East of the country for a while, when my parents relocated there. When I was in the military, I lived in Alaska for about four years. I’ve worked in technology for the majority of my career. More recently, in 2017 I left my job and moved to Portugal, where I rented a flat for about a year, close to the city of Porto. I loved it there so much, I ended up buying some property in Central Portugal, that I’m now the proud owner of.

What is your role at CloudBees and what do you do in your job?

As the Technology Strategy Director, I analyse the market and our position in the market. I look at data, insights and trends, I put together competitive intelligence and I support the overall competitive strategy for CloudBees. I work to understand the shifts and trends in the market and our position in relation to them as well as enable our colleagues to have the right information at the right time in their respective roles.

From a professional perspective, what are the things or products you are most passionate about?

Generally speaking, I love strategy, strategic planning and strategic execution. Throughout my career, I had different roles: I was a product manager, I led agile transformations, I even sent myself to Germany to do a training course in business transformation, back in 2017 before moving to Portugal. In all the jobs I’ve had, all the projects and programs I’ve touched have had strategy and execution at their very core. Because of that, I can’t say I’ve ever had a bad job or role. From a product perspective, I have a strong interest in value stream management and value stream delivery platforms, because they provide a fully integrated set of capabilities and improve the flow of value, which have strong ties to strategy and transformation.

What is it about CloudBees, that made you be part of the hive?

It was a combination of factors. The people who work here and the impressive amount of creativity and talent found in the Hive definitely played an important role. So did the position that CloudBees occupies in the DevOps market and the unique opportunities it has, especially at this time when digital transformation is a priority for companies worldwide.

What do you like about working remotely?

There are a few things that I enjoy. Overall, I like the flexibility that working from home allows me to have - I like weaving work and life together. If I look at more specific elements, I like how I work when I work from home. I feel that I can act on my thoughts faster; my thinking-doing gap is smaller because there is an immediacy to reach out to people, to get my ideas and questions out faster, which helps me connect those links in the chain more quickly. I even feel that I get my need for socialisation satisfied, especially when I am in a meeting that takes an unexpected turn because someone said something that suddenly becomes a new topic of conversation.

We’ve talked about work and work-related passions. What about hobbies and interests outside of work?

Let’s see… I think playing video games is one of my main hobbies. I am a big fan of RPG games. Right now, I am playing No Man’s Sky, which is a survival game and feels pretty relaxing because there’s so much to explore. I’m also re-playing The Outer Worlds, which has a different pace, but it’s fun. When I find a good game, I can really get absorbed by it. That happened with Destiny, last year, when I was playing it almost constantly.

I’m not only about exploring virtual worlds, though. I also love experiencing the real world. It’s one of the reasons why I like traveling and discovering new places. I’ve seen some amazing countries and I hope I will get to see many more, once it becomes safe to travel again.

If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I don’t think I can answer this question because I don’t really have a favorite meal :) I love food that has a story behind it. I see food originating from other countries as an adventure - I love knowing more about the story behind the recipe and what makes that recipe special.

If you could invent one video game, what type of game would it be and how would you call it?

I would invent a video game where you could be a main character, or an NPC, or an animal, or even a tree - and it would be an open world game. Also, any character you play would have quests and a storyline. You could play for years and always find new adventures. So you could see the action of the game from all perspectives, even as a bridge. It would be ridiculously expensive to develop and maintain. Maybe I’d name it Metamorphosis, or something like that...

It was great to get to know Hope a bit more. Stay tuned for more conversations with Bees throughout the year.

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