Why Financial Tech Companies Need DevOps

Delivering valuable, high-quality applications to market quickly is a top business and technology priority for banks and financial services firms of all sizes.

Consumers want safe, speedy and reliable mobile and multi-channel banking, and financial firms have no choice but to meet that demand. Agile development and DevOps principles can get them there, but to truly achieve modern software development, organizational, cultural and technical changes must be made. As if that wasn’t enough, financial firms also face other hurdles, many of which are unique to the industry. These include:

  • The need for compliance with a variety of regulations and preparation for audits

  • Pressure from senior management to simplify and standardize the IT environment, particularly when it comes to legacy investments

  • Cybersecurity vulnerabilities

  • Hiring and retaining development professionals

Read this ebook to learn the complicated landscape for all companies in the financial industry and best practices to address them.

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