Break the Build Bottleneck with Faster, More Accurate Builds

Break the Build Bottleneck with Faster, More Accurate Builds

For organizations that depend on software innovation, a slow software build process is a bottleneck. Slow build times affect engineering efficiency, as well as product quality and company agility. Furthermore, diagnosing build problems is difficult: cryptic output in log files can be hard to decipher and to relate back to individual build steps in a large build.

CloudBees Accelerator parallelizes your build process, running up to 20x faster, oftentimes on half the infrastructure you are using today.

Download this whitepaper to learn how you can:

  • Speed innovation - Deliver higher quality software faster, with less wasted effort.

  • Do more with less - Run builds and tests more quickly: up to 20x faster. Time savings, particularly on long-running builds, give time back to developers to innovate.

  • Get faster feedback - You'll have complete visibility and control over bottlenecks, faults and capacity planning.

Download the whitepaper

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