When DevOps and ZeroTrust Join Forces

Session Description

This session explores a new way to define the old popular phrase “baked in security” while providing an overview of the codependency between DevOps and ZeroTrust. DevOps presents significant challenges to ZeroTrust - the agility of the delivery process, the fast adoption of APIs and microservices , containers and orchestration, multi-cloud and server-less, etc. Together with the rapidly increased number of security breaches and the re-definition of the traditional perimeter, the application landscape is considerably more complex and challenging to secure for both dev and production workloads. When applied in the SDLC process, the ZeroTrust approach can simplify the secure development and deployment of applications and data flows. Applying ZeroTrust can simplify the integration of security into the DevOps pipelines without restricting the desired agility as well as how ZeroTrust concepts can streamline the setup, monitoring, and enforcements of the risk-based policies at run time.