Thanks, I Hate It - Being Grateful for Failure

Session Description

Fail. Red Build. Outage. Regression.

If you’ve worked in DevOps ever, these phrases probably fill you with dread… But they shouldn’t! Failure is vilified, it’s judged, sometimes it’s punished… And it’s the default. Success is the exception. I’m going to show you that Failure is a good thing, and how confidence without failure is False Confidence.

We’re gonna look at the types of failure and discuss:

  • What they mean

  • What they actually mean

  • What we can do with the information

We’ll learn how to have more failures, about failure anti-patterns and pernicious Failure psychology. I’m going to present concrete examples of how Failure helps organizations be more confident. There will be at least one chart (I apologize in advance). Come find out why Failure shouldn’t be a dirty word, why every Failure is a sign you’re doing things right. More Failure makes for More Success. If I fail to convince you… You’ll have to come to my talk to find out what I’ll do next ;)