Session Description

To continuously deliver software to the cloud, companies must adopt critical capabilities that ensure the safety, security, scalability and traceability of deployed applications, from development hand-off through production release.

Spinnaker functions as an application-centric control plane, abstracting the details of cloud platforms not relevant to developers and organizing cloud resources around applications. It provides opinionated building blocks to perform common actions and allow deployment pipelines to be assembled consistently and as needed. Spinnaker’s pipeline workflows support more advanced rollout mechanisms like blue/green deployments, conditional deployments, time window restrictions and automated canary analysis. Spinnaker also facilitates in-production application testing, stressing and scaling.

This session will cover continuous delivery practices that complement and extend continuous integration, enabling consistent, safe production releases. Attendees will learn how Spinnaker works with CI solutions to execute complex, rule-driven, cloud-provider-integrated, high-volume deployments. They will also learn how Spinnaker’s multi-cloud asset inventory supports the construction of further operational tools, such as chaos engineering, zero-day security vulnerability scanning and autoscalers.