Session Description

Most conference presentations are celebratory in nature, highlighting successful DevOps adoption achievements. They showcase the ‘cute puppies’ that made it. While these success stories deserve the kudos, in reality, adopting DevOps is not easy. It requires not just adopting technologies which may be new to the organization, but also significant cultural and organizational change. The latter is difficult and painful to adopt, especially at scale. For every project that is showcased as a success, there are many more which failed, which never made it or resulted in their scope and goals to be significantly changed to move forward. These are the ‘ugly dogs’ that are hidden in the backyards and basements of most organizations. These teams are the ones with wounds and scars of the struggles that they continue to face.

In this panel, moderated by Sanjeev Sharma, Principal Analyst at Accelerated Strategies and Hasan Yasar, Technical Director, Continuous Delivery Capability at The Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, leaders in organizations with large scale DevOps transformations will share their stories from the projects that struggled, or even totally failed. This panel will shed light on the ugly dogs and the lessons learned from what went wrong.