Session Description

Teams everywhere are beginning to adopt Value Stream Thinking as a foundational element of their DevOps strategy. Companies like Nationwide, Walmart, Barclays, BMW, Verizon, Liberty Mutual, AT&T, John Deere, Adidas and many more are seeing incredible clarity and alignment driven by Value Stream visualization and focus.

This session will introduce the benefits of Value Stream Thinking and techniques, how an organization should go about implementing it and why it's the next logical step for organizations on a DevOps journey. Attendees will hear real-world transformation stories and results achieved with Value Stream management.

Value Stream thinking brings visibility, alignment and measurement to your organization in a tangible and clear paradigm. Value Stream Mapping is an accessible, inclusive technique that surfaces opportunities across every facet of DevOps improvement:

  • Easing regulatory compliance

  • Data-driven change

  • Supply chain visibility and measurement

  • Culture and capability foundations

  • Digital transformation progress

Attend this session to learn the secrets of successfully adopting this game-changing technique to make dramatic improvements across your organization.