Session Description

As a leader in its field, PDI Software has acquired a significant number of other companies over the last several years, each with its own unique recipe for success. This broad corporate, product and technical makeup meant streamlining their automation strategy was extremely difficult. In some cases, the organization needed a distinct Jenkins master definitions for different products. Different plugins may be needed, for instance, or even different versions of the same plugin. PDI Software soon concluded that to manage this effectively they really something higher than a Jenkins master; a master for all the other masters; or as we’ve playfully titled it, a lord and master. This session will explore our development of this “Jenkins Lord” including:

  • Containerization of managed masters and agents

  • Managing as code, versioning and pushing updates

  • Modularization of product-specific master, agent and job definitions

  • Use of shared libraries across all managed masters

  • “Germinating” the Seed Pipeline’s JobDSL to solve the script security dilemma