Increasing the Competitiveness of the US Military through Software Delivery Automation

Session Description

The demand for integrated software solutions that enable or enhance Air Force weapons and business systems has never been greater. The National Defense Strategy calls for building “a more lethal, resilient, and rapidly innovating Joint Force...[because] we face an ever more lethal and disruptive battlefield, combined across domains, and conducted at increasing speed and reach.” Some competitors and adversaries seek to optimize their targeting of our battle networks and operational concepts, while also using other areas of competition short of open warfare to achieve their ends. To combat these adversaries, the Air Force has significantly invested in software factories to directly and rapidly translate warfighter needs into secure, production-capable software. The resulting software must incorporate a robust RMF, while at the same time be rapidly deployable--which makes Software Delivery Automation essential for Air Force DevSecOps Software Factories because of its ability to provide governance, compliance, insight and observability into the entire DevSecOps process and the software supply chain. Software Factories that have successfully streamlined RMF are not necessarily omitting requirements, they are just using automation, controls inheritance, transparency, and risk management to work through RMF more efficiently. In other words, they are working smarter, not harder. The best way to accomplish this is to transform USAF and DoD software acquisition into secure, responsive software factories that utilize modern software development processes and tools that are enhanced and quickened through automation. A properly implemented Software Delivery Automation capability will enable USAF and DoD Software Factories to automate the application development and accreditation processes using DevSecOps to build and maintain applications for the warfighter, securely and at scale. Learn how to use Software Delivery Automation to connect, automate, orchestrate, and secure DevSecOps pipelines in Software Factories across development, security, operations, and shared service teams to ensure they are delivering world class software securly.