Session Description

Intel faced a significan challenge in 2017: scale or fail. The company's Core Client Business needed to increase the number of platforms and operating system combinations to meet market needs with no increase in resources. Intel's old ways of developing, testing and releasing platform software and firmware had to be modernized or we would not be able to scale to meet these new business demands. At the same time, quality could not be compromised. Involving Intel's Information Technology Group to drive our modernization efforts for Intel's Core Client Business, the organization worked extensively to develop a centralized, highly available, globally replicated infrastructure. Combining the development expertise from the Client Business team and the operations expertise from IT, Intel created a truly DevOps virtual organization. This resulted in massive cost avoidance which was reapplied to enable the Client Business to increase its scale without additional resourcing. The results became a cornerstone of a broader software engineering modernization effort which resulted in standardizing around inner sourcing and other DevOps practices to accelerate quality customer delivery. As a result, Intel implemented new DevOps practices across a global enterprise, empowering teams with modern tools. It migrated thousands of software and firmware developers to a single source code solution and build tool chain utilizing Git and Jenkins for Windows platform software. The company also created a shared hybrid cloud for build infrastructure allowing their teams to have a common pool of shared resources and metrics. These changes have laid the foundation for new initiatives such as DevSecOps and enterprise wide continuous delivery. This collection of DevOps solutions is the Engine of More for Intel's engineers and our customers.This presentation will explore Intel's journey in hopes that others can learn from its experiences in delivering a DevOps transformation at an enterprise scale.