Session Description

A scalable CI platform with 6,000+ Jenkins instances serving around 43,000 builds per day on multi-cluster Kubernetes. A system built with metrics, key resource tuning, remediations and security in place. Join this session to har from eBay on their journey of best practices and learnings about open source.

At eBay, the CIaaS (Continuous Integration as a Service) platform empowered by Jenkins instances that were running originally on VMs, migrated to Mesos and is now running on Kubernetes. Today, the containerized jenkins instances are running on a better resource orchestrated platform which gives the ability to scale on demand. When the company's developers realized that Jenkins credentials stored in disk was a potential security threat, they leveraged the Kubernetes secrets advantages to move Jenkins credentials from disk to cluster. Inspired by an open source project, the Jenkins credentials plugin has been customized based on the needs to store credentials as Kubernetes secrets and it has been open sourced as well.

Learn more about the infrastructure and processes eBay constructed to monitor the system’s health, performance and tune resources, and build CI at scale.