Session Description

Being a CTO, digital services director or software development lead is a near thankless job in the public sector. Individuals in these roles are responsible for keeping a lot of plates spinning to ensure critical public services don’t break or crack, modernizing systems that may be even older than their parents and selling the idea that change is good and worth the organization's time and resources. DevSecOps is the absolute biggest game changer for the public sector. That is, if they manage to get everybody to the starting line, pointed in the right direction, and make sure the organization finishes the race. Managing culture change, business process reengineering, tricky budget requests, politics and new ways of delivering digital products will result in marked benefits for the organization and the public, and will prepare it for adaptation in years to come.

This session will feature strategies, methodologies and a few stories of wins and losses to guide organizations looking to create change in a sector that is typically risk adverse and more than willing to just keep kicking the modernization and transformation can down the road. It will share advice on getting the right types of teams together operating in an efficient manner, as well as identifying the right types of individuals as product owners to help market and spread “the good word”’ about DevSecOps. As an individual with development, operations and security experience, I will also share how to bridge those organizational gaps to achieve success without a punch being thrown. Attendees will also learn communication strategies for gaining executive buy-in and support to help build a coalition of those teammates willing to join you on the journey and share in the success.