Session Description

A company’s processes and governance must mature as it grows to avoid pitfalls and constant crises. By utilizing DevOps principles, BlackLine gained an understanding of our software delivery situation and able to identify areas that needed improvement. With the tools and people we had, and by focusing measuring and KPI, tracking work and building automation self-service tasks, we were finally able to develop a program to ensure continual improvement and increased visibility. This result gave us the opportunity to provide value to both our internal and external customers.

BlackLine has since built and maintained over two dozen self-service tools for teams that needed to level-up their work processes due to the influx of work. These jobs allowed teams to work within their own shop enabling them to work faster and more efficiently vs ticket shuffling and lead time required. The company has devised a sysem for tracking changes in production, reduced our ticket counts and identified more areas of improvement.

Join Sean Balady of BlackLine as he takes attendees on a journey from a lowly NOC, answering phones and routing tickets, to a production operations team, that includes more developers and access than anyone currently within the company. Learn how BlackLine made this journey, what principles of DevOps did they employ and how their team streamlined other teams' work to make their own lives easier.