Enabling Customer Obsession and Innovation through Large-Scale DevOps Practices at Amazon

Session Description

Why Amazon software teams - the so-called “2-pizza teams” - feel like working for a start-up in such a large-scale organization? How does Amazon's "You build it, You own it" DevOps culture and practices allow the company to move at high speed while constantly innovating on behalf of customers? Are you curious about how microservice architectures have allowed Amazon to respond to critical business demands in a timely fashion while keeping the software quality bar very high?

In this talk, I will go through various DevOps cultural philosophies and practices adopted by Amazon in the past several years and how they have enabled innovation and customer obsession at-scale. I will walk the audience through an Amazon warehouse and discuss how best practices in Agility, DevOps, and Microservices have allowed Amazon to sell “bananas” online and incorporate “robots” in the warehouse operations within months (as opposed to years!). I will also discuss how many of Amazon’s DevOps internal tools have made it to the Cloud through the AWS Code (AWS CodeCommit/Pipeline/Build/Deploy) suite and other AWS infrastructure-as-code services. The practices discussed are all transferable and can immediately benefit start-ups as well as large-scale organizations.