Session Description

John Allspaw and Paul Hammond's talk in 2009 on how they were doing 10 plus deploys a day at Flickr led to the birth of the DevOps movement. Jez Humble made Continuous Delivery (CD) a formal practice when he published his seminal book by the same name in 2010. Today, a full decade later, DevOps has evolved as a full-blown movement, with DevOps being adopted by organizations of all sizes, from startups to enterprises. That being said, while achieving lean and efficient software delivery is the norm in small organizations, most organizations struggle with scaling the capability. Large organizations are not homogenous or monolithic. They have multiple generations of technology stacks, multiple interdependent delivery pipelines and functional and organizational silos that inhibit scaling of lean and efficient processes and workflows.
This session will provide a set of experiences and insights on how to scale lean and efficient software delivery at large enterprises. This scaling requires a strategic focus on streamlining and standardizing processes, the tools to automate them and a wholesale cultural and organizational transformation.
The presenter Sanjeev Sharma, head of platform and automation engineering at Truist, former principal analyst at Accelerated Strategies, Group and author of the DevOps Adoption Playbook, will share his experiences from the field, addressing all areas - process, technology and organizational and cultural change.