Session Description

The industry is focused on the business and technical achievements of a successful DevOps implementation as part of digital transformation. The toll and toil along the journey leave the thought leaders and influencers who helped their company's transform with memories they want to forget and inevitably don't measure. Approaching digital transformation from the human impact perspective was a heavy driver at NCR and it left the team with measurable effects that impacted our lives.

Every IT professional has battle scars from when they pushed for change; development, operations, security, data analytics. Each of these personas have a measurable human impact that was removed/improved and then forgotten. They are built to forget the challenge, even if a valuable lesson was learned. These are lessons that need to be shared. While the pain exists, no one talks about it. When it is solved, it is forgotten.

This session will share the human metrics and lessons in DevOps never explored before. Keeping these in mind help enterprises who want to better understand what life is like when the DevOps journey matures. Battle scars are only cool when they heal. This session will explore how NCR did just that.