Session Description

Research from The Unicorn Project, DORA annual reports, the Accelerate book, Google and many other studies conducted in the last 10 years on cognitive diversity and innovation has proven that safer and more inclusive DevOps teams perform and innovate better. Companies that have more diverse management drive 19 percent higher revenue due to greater innovation. Racially diverse teams outperform non-diverse ones by 35 percent. And 67 percent of job seekers look for evidence of inclusion and equality programs when considering a new company. Yet, leaders still struggle to create an inclusive environment for their teams. Too often these initiatives stop at diversity and fail to address teams' inclusion, belonging and equality. In order to be authentic and effective, inclusion behaviors need to be owned, modeled and lived daily by teams and their managers. Development managers, in particular, must actualize inclusion in daily interactions, conversations and decisions and they must engineer a climate of openness, collaboration and safety. The objective of this presentation is to share effective and actionable practices to help DevOps teams and managers embody inclusion through everyday collaboration and team practices.