Making the Problem Visible Mini-Workshop

Session Description

The biggest challenge with digital transformations is getting large organizations to invest in improvements and embrace new ways of working. The first step in getting people on board is making sure everyone has a common understanding of the problem and why solving it is critical to the success of the business. Different architectures, applications, and organizations all have different challenges so you can’t just copy what worked for someone else and hope it will help. If you are going to successfully create momentum you are going to need to start with addressing the biggest issues that are slowing down your organization. And you need to make these issues very visible so you can get everyone aligned on your continuous improvement journey.

This workshop will focus on the first step of making the issues visible by teaching you how to create a simple easy to understand map of your deployment pipeline. We will review four different types of architectures/applications and their associated deployment pipeline maps. We will also review what are typically their biggest challenges. Next we will help you get started on a map that will help make your unique issues visible as the first step in your transformation.