End-to-End Post Quantum Crypto Process in a Connected Disconnected Nexus Environment

Session Description

Qrypt aims to win the endless “crypto algorithm vs. algorithm crack” arms race by building a complete end-to-end data encryption solution impervious to defeat by any current or future computation device. We are building the hardware, software, and service architecture to employ the only information-theoretic secure algorithm to protect data both in transit and at rest, relying only on the same network infrastructure and computing devices already used by everyone. The critical timeline for deploying this level of protection is quickly approaching—data protected by widely used asymmetric (e.g., RSA) and symmetric (e.g., AES) algorithms now will be vulnerable to quantum and other computing devices and methods in the future; in other words, your encrypted financial, HIPAA medical, classified government, and other sensitive data today will be easily decrypted and read by computing devices in the future. While we live in a world enabled by shared use of free/open source software (FOSS), it goes without saying that the sensitive nature of some of our software products requires us to go to great lengths to protect our users from security vulnerabilities and ensure we follow the license requirements of all FOSS packages. Nexus has been a critical tool in making that protection possible. In this talk, I’ll tell you how Nexus is a key security element in our security product.