Session Description

AI adoption is prevalent in the Ops world (MLOps), but the same can't be said for AI integration into the DevSecOps process. Many companies are just taking initial steps into DevSecOps and others question the practical value AI can bring. To compound this issue, there are also sparse skills in both areas, leaving organizations without the knowledge needed to proceed.

This session outlines the mutual benefits of combining DevSecOps with AI in a practical way and will feature results from doing so at Deloitte. It will identify prevalent integration points such as the dominance of AI into DevSecOps automation and the impact AI has on automated testing. The session will then expand these simple use cases into holistic process improvements implemented with AI (Dev+Sec+Ops “checks and balances”). It will also cover improved communication with continuous integration and deployment teams (Hello, Agile!), security testing, the scary compliance/audit aspect and how data-driven AI makes decisions at scale. AI can even implement code improvement and operation fixes (if we let it).

The session will conclude with some final thoughts about the future of AI in DevSecOps based on the results Deloitte has achieved in the past year.