You've mastered CI -- now what? How to actually do CD on K8s

Session Description

"You're one of those brave and formidable organizations who have conquered Continuous Integration, constantly merging changes into your code base so that you always have a releasable version of your software.

But how often do you actually release it?

We all throw around the term CI/CD, but very few companies actually engage in Continuous Deployment, sending changes to production as soon as they're ready. In this session, we'll show you how to engage in Continuous Deployment for your Kubernetes applications.

We'll talk about:
How to update an application without breaking production
How to avoid introducing vulnerabilities
How to handle security when automatically deploying changes
The right way to update a running application on Kubernetes

You'll leave this session ready to look at what you need to do to decrease the ""time to value"" for your effort to the absolute minimum."