10 steps to continuous performance testing in DevOps

Session Description

There’s no question that enterprises today want to further integrate continuous performance testing into automated pipelines. However, many are finding it difficult to reconcile the mismatched clock-speed of testing with today’s accelerated pace of development/delivery.

This webinar presents field-tested best practices on how to get started with automated continuous testing and how to overcome common testing automation blockers.

You’ll learn, among other things, the key steps to continuous performance testing in DevOps:

· Gather the right metrics to assess your gaps
· Prioritize, then systematize across your application portfolio
· Plan for acceleration across the whole delivery cycle
· Design concrete measurements with the end in mind
· Pick the right targets to automate
· Make scripting easy for multiple teams
· Develop performance pipelines
· Use dynamic infrastructure for test environments
· Ensure trustworthy go/no-go decisions
· Drive organizational awareness