Governed Releases

Ensure consistent release processes where only high-quality, authorized code reaches production.

Successfully Govern Release Processes at Scale

Platform engineering teams to balance innovation with the necessary governance guardrails, while providing development teams the autonomy needed to innovate. To succeed, they must map out end-to-end application release processes, knowing every step executes at the appropriate time with all relevant data automatically collected.

Governed Releases with CloudBees

Development Consistency

Achieve predictable, repeatable, and automated deployments across releases through self-service workflow templates.

Release Governance

Ensure only high-quality, authorized code reaches production through approval gates, fine-grained access controls, and automated rollbacks.

Audit-Ready Pipelines

Promote traceability across all workflow tasks to generate audit reports comprising all content, configurations, and associated evidence.


in savings across 72 releases


error reduction through automation

The Challenge

Effective software release management demands full visibility and a deep understanding of business goals. Equally important is adopting a standardized approach for managing releases and their dependencies. This key step ensures processes meet audit requirements efficiently, allowing focus on core priorities. 

However, most organizations struggle due to limited visibility into feature status, difficulty in quickly resolving production issues, and proving process governance.

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The Solution

CloudBees helps platform teams manage complexity without compromising speed or safety. Our solutions integrate with your existing SDLC tooling to standardize best practices using workflow templates with traceability across all actions.  These insights combined with approval gates, automatic remediation, and instant audit reports help ensure code quality to prove governance. By embedding governance into workflows, you can reducing distractions and allowing developers to focus on innovation.

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Development & Engineering
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“After adopting CloudBees, development teams have a reliable and standardized mechanism to build and deploy software across multiple environments quickly and seamlessly, with minimal developer intervention.”

Govern Release Process Resources


Governed release process

Learn how to map out end-to-end application release processes, knowing every step will be performed at the appropriate time with relevant data automatically collected.


Entry and exit gates

Enhance code quality by ensuring only high-quality, secure code reaches production through entry and exit gates.


Securing your SDLC

The release pipeline is uniquely positioned to enable security end-to-end as it converges on three critical components: visibility, traceability, and compliance.