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What Challenges Do Companies Face When Implementing DevSecOps?

Security hygiene is maturing among many companies, but challenges remain. With the exception of fire drills for audit or incident response, security largely remains an afterthought. Another issue is that security conversations related to software nearly always focus on “shifting security left” to the continuous integration phase, which leaves audit and risk gaps in the software delivery lifecycle. Disjointed tools and teams further compound this issue and result in potential risks, like dealing with vulnerabilities discovered post-release.

DevSecOps Ensures Software Is:

Secure in Development

Ensures code passes rigorous testing and analysis standards

Secure in Delivery

Guarantees the delivery process is secured to prevent unauthorized changes, drift and anomalies

Secure in Production

Facilitates rapid response and mitigation when problems are discovered in production

How CloudBees Makes DevSecOps a Reality

CloudBees has the only DevSecOps solution that integrates with your entire toolchain to secure the code in development, secure the delivery of the code and keep code secure in production. With CloudBees you can orchestrate testing during development and enforce role-based access control, gates and thresholds at each stage. 

Our solutions provide hardened delivery pipelines as a service that ensure only immutable, approved components and environments are used, preventing drift and tampering. With CloudBees, you can utilize automated deployment strategies for safer remediation or instantly mitigate defective code in production without having to redeploy at all.

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The U.S. Federal Government Relies on DevSecOps

Learn how DevSecOps helps federal agencies, whose IT systems must pass a risk-based cybersecurity assessment, to be granted an Authority to Operate (ATO).