What is Continuous Delivery (CD)?

What is continuous delivery (CD)? It is the practice that focuses on producing release-ready software with every code change. Discover how to scale software delivery with CD with CloudBees.

What is Continuous Delivery?

Continuous delivery (CD) is the practice of keeping your software releasable at all times through automation of quality, security and deployment processes across the software delivery lifecycle. Continuously performing security, non-functional and functional tests in product-like or production environments, the software is progressively validated as being fit for release. 

Continuous delivery empowers businesses to increase experimentation and innovation, reduce costs and differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace. For developers, CD eliminates mundane and repetitive tasks, increases agility and provides tighter feedback loops. These frequent code deployments provide IT teams with additional opportunities to identify and fix common solutions.

How to Scale Software Delivery With CD

Continuous delivery makes releases systematic, predictable and repeatable. In this eBook, learn how automating your pipeline can empower your teams to experiment and innovate while accelerating deployments safely.

DevOps Transformation Is a Journey

Each organization is different and must chart their own course. Get this whitepaper to learn the typical paths organizations take to mature their DevOps processes, so you can shorten your journey.

How is CD different than DevOps?

In short, DevOps is a culture and continuous delivery is a practice. DevOps defines how an organization, its developers, operations personnel and other stakeholders get aligned on the shared goal of delivering quality software reliably and repeatedly. The goal of DevOps is to increase collaboration between the engineering and IT teams, thereby enabling more frequent and streamlined delivery. This whitepaper illustrates the benefits of continuous delivery.

This is a radical departure for most organizations. Typically, software is developed, tested and deployed by different functional groups, with different priorities, often using waterfall methodologies.  Continuous delivery is a part of a DevOps practice that helps automate software development, testing and delivery through tools and processes. 

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