Feature Flags Best Practices and How to Not Worry About Technical Debt

Feature flags are becoming a rapidly popular method for decoupling the process of deployment and release in order to progressively deliver new feature faster and in smaller iterations. While they have clear benefits to improving release velocity and developer productivity while reducing release risk, they remain a relatively new tool to be scaled at the enterprise level. 

Join Erez Rusovsky, the co-founder of Rollout (now CloudBees Feature Management) and Yossi Turgeman, the Managing Partner at ESL to hear about how feature flagging can benefit your organization. This webinar will be held in Hebrew and will provide you with best practices on feature flagging in your development organization.

In this webinar recording you will learn how:

  • Feature flags can help to ship faster and safer

  • To easily start working with feature flags 

  • To avoid / worry about technical debt

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