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Achieving Continuous Delivery in the Enterprise, powered by Serena and CloudBees

Don't get stung by the challenges of implementing continuous delivery improvements in your organization! Continuous Delivery provides a significant competitive business advantage when the path to production is integrated and automated.

Agile Best Practices: Exploiting the Cloud for Speedy Development & Continuous Delivery

At this very moment, software development and deployment practices are shifting monumentally…to the cloud!

Analyze This! Jenkins Cluster Operations and Analytics

More and more organizations are jumping on the Continuous Delivery bandwagon to remain competitive. As they do so, they use Jenkins to on-board teams and to orchestrate their continuous delivery pipelines.

Automated Testing & Continuous Deployment for Mobile Apps in the Cloud

Mobile application development moves fast. To build and deliver at a pace that meets real world expectations, you need to implement a continuous build, test and deploy approach. The cloud offers instant and scalable infrastructure to test and deploy your mobile applications in the cloud.

BlazeMeter & CloudBees Present: Adding Performance Testing into the Continuous Integration Process

Please join Ophir Prusak, SVP digital marketing of BlazeMeter and Mark Prichard, senior director of product management at CloudBees, to show you how you can configure a highly-scalable, cloud-based continuous integration and load-testing platform in just a few

CI and CD Across the Enterprise with Jenkins

Delivering value to the business faster thanks to Continuous Delivery and DevOps is the new mantra of IT organizations. In this webinar, CloudBees discusses how Jenkins, the most popular open source Continuous Integration tool, allows DevOps teams to implement Continuous Delivery.

CloudBees e Emerasoft presentano Jenkins Enterprise (For Italian Speakers)

CloudBees Continuous Delivery Platform, fondandosi su Jenkins CI, lo strumento open source più diffuso di Continuous Delivery, fornisce una vasta gamma di soluzioni CD.

CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center: Building Resilient CI Infrastructure in the Enterprise

CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center is the central location to manage any number of Jenkins masters within the organization and reduce infrastructure costs by sharing executors across masters.

Continuous Delivery with Jenkins and Puppet - Debug Bad Bits in Production

Jenkins and Puppet are two of the most popular OSS tools used to deliver software.

Develop-Test-Deploy Mobile Apps On Demand In The Cloud

In the unforgiving mobile marketplace, errors can impact the quality of your application and will quickly result in bad ratings and lost opportunity. Device independence simply means more devices to test...but how do you manage that if you don't want the cost and complexity of running your ow

DevOps and Continuous Delivery: 10 Trends Shaping Application Delivery in the Enterprise

The latest Enterprise Management Associate (EMA) research on DevOps and Continuous Delivery is revealing some surprising facts and trends. Did you know, for example, that there is a strong correlation between frequency of code delivery and revenue growth?

Getting the Most Out of Jenkins and Selenium, with CloudBees and Sauce Labs!

Join Sauce Labs and CloudBees as we demonstrate how easy it is to run Selenium and Jenkins in the cloud, using services from both companies.

You'll learn how to:

How to do Continuous Load Testing - Featuring Latest Technology from SOASTA CloudTest, CloudBees & Jenkins CI

Two key challenges to continuous load testing are provisioning a test system to handle the load and accessing load generators to drive the traffic.  In this webinar from SOASTA & CloudBees, you will learn how to:

How to Set Up Continuous Integration for Mobile Apps Using Real Devices

Jenkins core architect, Kohsuke Kawaguchi asserts, "Continuous Integration is synonymous with automation." However, CI for mobile poses a challenge because to accurately test a mobile appl

Jumping from Continuous Integration to Continuous Delivery with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise

Delivering value to the business fast is the mantra of most enterprises today. While many technical teams are coming to grips with continuous integration (CI), they are now being challenged to extend CI to continuous delivery.

Orchestrating the Continuous Delivery Process in Jenkins with Workflow

The right cultural values and processes alone cannot keep pace with the demands for application delivery speed. Automation technology is the engine that drives faster application delivery. The new Workflow feature is that engine in Jenkins.

Performance Monitoring and Continuous Integration for Mobile Applications in the Cloud

Join New Relic and CloudBees for an in-depth look at monitoring the performance of mobile applications' interaction with cloud-based, back-end services. You will learn...

Revolutionizing Enterprise IT Software Development through Continuous Delivery & Jenkins

The need for enterprises to build great products and improve time-to-market has become more important than ever. Often, significant problems are discovered during the integration or hardening phase of a software delivery.

Running a Production Jenkins Instance: Manage a Growing Instance with Templates

This webinar is the third in our Running a Production Jenkins Instance series.

Running a Production Jenkins Instance: Setting Up Role-based Access Control

This webinar is the second in our Running a Production Jenkins Instance series. With over 600 plugins, Jenkins CI is the most popular continuous integration development platform.

Scaling Jenkins in the Enterprise

Once Jenkins is brought into an enterprise, there is a massive increase in Jenkins usage throughout the organization. The increase in adoption is due to two factors:

Setting Up Continuous Delivery with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise and Deployit

Join Mark Prichard, senior director of product management, CloudBees, and Andrew Phillips, VP product management, XebiaLabs, as they build a continuous delivery pipeline from scratch in simple, easy-to-follow steps.