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Continuous Delivery with DevOps Managed Services Webinar

We are in the midst of the digital transformation revolution where every industry is undergoing sweeping changes in their digital landscape.

Starting and Scaling DevOps in the Enterprise

More and more companies worldwide are excited about DevOps and the many potential benefits of embarking on a DevOps transformation. The challenge many of them are having, however, is figuring out where to begin and how to scale DevOps practices over time.

Modern DevOps Technologies and Practices

DevOps requires both cultural  and technological change.

The Business Value of Enterprise DevOps Panel

It is well understood that DevOps helps organizations deliver better software faster but, how do you quantify the value it  provides to your business and where do you focus your efforts.

Bridging the On-Call Gap for CI/CD

In this webinar, you’ll learn multiple approaches to providing communication and context to an on-call team while enabling adoption of greater velocity and change for application teams.

CloudBees | VMware: The Cloud-Only Movement is Here. What is Your Strategy?

Gartner says by 2020, a corporate “no-cloud” policy will be as rare as a “no-internet” policy is today. By 2019, more than 30 percent of the largest 100 vendors’ new software investments will have shifted from cloud-first to cloud-only.

Aprendiendo de Transformaciones Exitosas de DevOps

Para que las organizaciones de TI puedan responder a las demandas empresariales de hoy y de mañana, tienen que ser más ágiles y automatizadas – más DevOps.

Get The Visibility You Need Into DevOps

If you’re like most enterprises, you have made significant investments in DevOps, however, you are not able to fully realize the benefits. As a result, you find yourself in endless release team meetings and/or chat boards asking the same questions over and over:

Reimagining Software Development at CareFirst FEP Operations Center

This session will share the lessons that the IT team learned in their journey to embrace DevOps principles while attempting to improve agility through a reimagined software delivery philosophy and approach.

There and Back Again: Electronic Arts' DevOps Tale

The DevOps path is never a straight line. Starts. Stops. Steps backward. Victories. Lessons. These all come with the territory – if you’re brave and courageous enough to start the hike.

Best Practices for Enterprise DevOps with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise

iTMethods and CloudBees will explain how organizations can achieve best practices for enterprise DevOps by deploying a distributed enterprise CI/CD pipeline architecture powered by CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise.

Some of the topics covered in the webinar include:

The Ten Commandments of Continuous Delivery

Everyone wants to implement continuous delivery. After all, the benefits are too big to be ignored. You can:

Women in Tech Panel

Join us for the Women in Technology discussion panel. This session will feature great women leaders from DevOps Institute, Adobe, Clover Health and CloudBees to give insight on what makes a successful technology leader.

In this webinar, you will learn:

Baking in Quality: Cultural Transformation at Scale

How does CloudBees deliver software continuously, with high quality? This is the story of how we changed from thinking of quality in the last phases of the software development lifecycle, to having quality baked into our products from the design phase.

Disposable Jenkins

You rely on Jenkins to manage the full stack of your continuous delivery pipeline, but why shouldn’t Jenkins itself be software-defined, ephemeral and available at the push of a button?

Identifying Common Jenkins Issues with CloudBees Jenkins Advisor

Join this webinar to learn common issues encountered in Jenkins and how to identify and correct such issues in your own environment.

By attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • Common Jenkins issues and how to resolve them 

Orchestrating Trust in Your DevOps Pipeline

Remembering passwords is hard. Unfortunately, hardcoding passwords in your configuration files leaves your IP open to unauthorized access.

Enterprise DevOps and the Modern Mainframe

CloudBees’ DevOps Maturity Model can help organizations move towards enterprise-level continuous delivery (CD) and DevOps. For large organizations, the mainframe must play a role in this journey which raises the question, what about my COBOL apps?

A Macro View on Microservices and CI/CD

Technology teams are increasingly turning to microservices to solve common problems associated with the traditional, monolithic architecture style.

Scale Continuous Deployment to Production

Moving from a simple Jenkins workflow to continuous delivery requires a focus on continuous deployment. Join us for a discussion on how to integrate DeployHub, an open source application release automation solution, into your CloudBees pipeline to support automated deployments across dev, test an

How to Really Achieve DevOps Transformation

Learn practical steps to get DevOps right to boost application delivery speed and quality.

Continuous Delivery Online Panel Discussion

Thought leaders from Ansible, CloudBees, cPrime and OpenMake Software will be taking questions and discussing best practices for maturing your CI process to a full CD pipeline.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise Scales Jenkins within AWS

This webinar demonstrates how CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise can be used to implement a scalable “Jenkins as a Service” solution on AWS.

Zero to Continuous Delivery with Blue Ocean

Jenkins has long been the hub of continuous delivery. However, Jenkins Pipeline now brings a whole new world of possibilities.

Azure Container Service + Jenkins (In French)

Dans ce webinar, vous découvrirez comment utiliser Jenkins pour créer un pipeline de déploiement continue d’une application multi-containers dans un cluster Kubernetes déployé avec Azure Container Service.

Scaling Enterprise DevOps with CloudBees

To successfully implement continuous delivery in an enterprise, there are specific needs and obstacles which must be addressed. In this webinar, we’ll address the pain points that most enterprises face and how they can be overcome:

What is DevOps? Defining an Industry Standard

Seemingly everyone is excited about DevOps – the issue is that nearly every constituency, from practitioners to solutions vendors – maintains a unique definition and perspective on what this transformative process truly entails.

Standardizing Jenkins with CloudBees Jenkins Team

Jenkins’ extensibility is one of its greatest strengths, but with it comes with some challenges around inconsistent compatibility, quality, and security in its 1400+ components and integrations.

Community Survey: The State of Jenkins and DevOps

Are companies really deploying multiple times per week? Yes. 61% of Jenkins users are. What about containers? The cloud? Is it hype or are companies benefiting from these DevOps technology and practices?

Open Source: Essential for Modern Application Delivery

It’s the same everywhere you turn. Companies are trying to transform their digital experiences and increase customer engagement all while improving customer experience.

Efficient Performance Test Automation – Optimize Jenkins Pipeline

Integrating performance tests into your continuous integration scope greatly reduces performance risks when adding a new feature or fixing a bug.

Frame your Transformation: Starting and Scaling DevOps

More and more companies worldwide are excited about DevOps and the many potential benefits of embarking on a DevOps transformation. The challenge many of them are having, however, is figuring out where to begin and how to scale DevOps practices over time.

Navigating the Path to DevOps Maturity in the Real-World

Continuous delivery and DevOps are talked about everywhere you turn. Implementing these approaches can bring market-leading innovation by accelerating the software delivery process. But how?!

Achieving Continuous Delivery on Microsoft Azure

Automating the entire software delivery process – end-to-end – can be a daunting task. It can take weeks to figure out which technologies best fit your organization and then months to acquire the correct infrastructure.

Continuous Deployment: The DevOps 2.1 Toolkit

In this webinar, we’ll explore the practices and tools required to run Jenkins inside a Swarm cluster. We’ll go beyond a simple deployment. We’ll explore how to create a continuous deployment process. We’ll set up multiple clusters. One will be dedicated to testing and the other for production.

Affordable Load Testing in Your CD Pipeline

There is only one way to make load testing part of your continuous delivery (CD) pipeline, by making it fast, affordable and easy. (Almost) Free load testing is possible with RedLine13. Jenkins Pipeline as Code enables simple to advanced pipelines…

How to do Continuous Load Testing

Featuring Latest Technology from SOASTA CloudTest, CloudBees and Jenkins

Two key challenges to continuous load testing are provisioning a test system to handle the load and accessing load generators to drive the traffic…

Introduction to CloudBees Jenkins Platform (In Russian)

This webinar is about CloudBees Jenkins Platform, one of the leading enterprise solutions for building reliable continuous integration and continuous delivery systems for software (and other) products.

Crossing the DevOps Chasms with Tools & Technology

Building on the use of the Four Quadrants of DevOps Maturity to measure and map DevOps transformations, this talk will discuss how key tools and technologies can enable organizations to cross the chasms that separate development and operations.

Jenkins 2 and Beyond: What's Next for Jenkins?

After 10 years, 658 weekly releases, 7+ million jobs and 125+ thousand installations, Jenkins is finally hitting version 2! Jenkins has long been the de facto standard for continuous integration (CI).

Mapping and Measuring your Journey to DevOps

In this webinar, we will build on the Four Quadrants of DevOps maturity model introduced in part one of the series, and walk though a real world example of using the model to assess the DevOps readiness of a leading financial services provider and plan the steps for their DevOps transformation.

Introduction to the Four Quadrants of DevOps Maturity

Join us for the first webinar in a three-part series on how to use a simple four-quadrant maturity model for planning and measuring your journey to enterprise continuous delivery and DevOps. Using the Four Quadrants of DevOps Maturity model, you will: 

Introducing Cloud-Based Load Testing to your Jenkins Pipeline

Join SOASTA and CloudBees, the hub of enterprise Jenkins and DevOps, to see how to integrate cloud-based load testing with SOASTA CloudTest into your continuous delivery pipeline running on the CloudBees Jenkins Platform. In this webinar, you’ll also learn how to:

Simplify Continuous Integration Using Docker

Simplify continuous integration with Docker. Join Marcel Birkner (codecentric), Brian Dawson (CloudBees) and Curtis Yanko (Sonatype) as they share essential tips, rules and tools for getting your CI program started on Docker today.

Deliver 6x Faster with Jenkins & CD as a Service

You know that to stay ahead of customer expectations and your competition, you need to deliver applications faster. Organizations are moving to continuous delivery to build, test and deploy high quality software an average of six times faster by automating core tasks across delivery pipelines.

CloudBees newest offering—Private SaaS Edition—provides cloud-native scalability and operations that allow you to quickly deploy and manage Jenkins-powered continuous delivery as a service internally for all your teams.

Harness the Power: Automation with Jenkins & Azure

Azure is one of the most open, broad and flexible cloud platform for every customers needs, regardless of the application, framework, data source or operating system their solution may require. Whether you’re interested in various Linux flavors, Docker, MongoDB, Hadoop or languages like Java, Python, PHP and Ruby, you will find first-class support for all.

CD with Jenkins Pipeline and Docker Explained

Teams everywhere are looking for tools to define the process they go through to get code to production and represent that as code. Learn how to use Jenkins with Docker…

    What's New in CloudBees Jenkins Platform v15.11

    See what’s new in the CloudBees Jenkins Platform v15.11—Team Edition and Enterprise Edition.

    Continuous Delivery for Cloud Native Applications

    CIOs that are looking to succeed in the era of modern, cloud native applications are investing heavily in DevOps transformation and are employing cloud native application platforms and continuous delivery tools and practices to make this shift. 

    Scaling Jenkins with Docker and Kubernetes

    Docker is revolutionizing the way people think about applications and deployments. It provides a simple way to run and distribute Linux containers for a variety of use cases, from lightweight virtual machines to complex distributed microservices architectures.