Docker and Jenkins as Code

December 19th, 2019, 11am ET

Docker is everywhere in CI/CD pipelines and development tools. Jenkins, one of the most popular automation servers, is actively evolving to improve its support of container technologies and static  configurations in images.

The Configuration as Code plugin is a new milestone which enables managing Jenkins configurations via YAML. Together with Docker, this plugin offers many ways to produce ready-to-fly Jenkins images for any environment.

Join us on December 19th at 11am ET for this free, 45 minute, expert-led presentation. We’ll describe official master and agent images offered by the Jenkins project:

  • What's inside them? 

  • How do you configure images with JCasC and Groovy hooks? 

  • How do you use these approaches together? 

You’ll learn best practice solutions to help you maximize your use of Jenkins. You should expect to walk away with concrete best practices that you can implement, to level up your Jenkins and keep those Pipelines humming along.


Oleg Nenashev

Mark Waite

Adrien Lecharpentier