Session Description

Memory leaks in enterprise java applications such as Jenkins can be painfully difficult to diagnose, and as simple to introduce as one line of bad pipeline code. The CloudBees support organization, and it's performance and stability team deal with diagnosing memory leaks on a weekly basis, and have developed a playbook to share with you that can help you with diagnosing issues faster so you can get back to building stuff that matters.

During this presentation, we will show you:

• How to capture and analyze Heap Dumps using Eclipse Memory Analyzer
• How to diagnose and analyze memory leaks in Java Heap Memory
• How to diagnose and analyze memory leaks in Java Metaspace Memory
• How to diagnose and analyze memory leaks in Java native memory
• Proactive monitoring best practices using Jenkins
• Gating best practices in your CI/CD pipeline to proactively prevent introducing memory leaks

There is very limited data on the internet on how to diagnose a java native memory issue, and we want to bring this to the masses. Whether you are new to Administration, or an old soul in the server room, we guarantee you will learn something new here.

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