FOSS Program Details

In order for your project to be eligible for DEV@cloud under the CloudBees FOSS Free program, you must agree to the following (simple) rules:

  • Your Jenkins instance and Git/SVN/Maven repositories must be accessible to anybody in read-only mode
  • You agree to put a Built on CloudBees logo on your project page (displayed on this page, to the right)
  • You agree, once you are happy with our service, to post to Twitter/Facebook/G+ about it using @CloudBees within the Tweet post
  • That you engage in some communications activities around your project, if asked to do so by CloudBees.  As part of the communications, we would ask you to mention that you are using the CloudBees DEV@cloud solution
  • From time to time, we may also ask you to provide us with critical feedback on our services

When subscribing to our FOSS Free plan, you will receive up to 2,000 minutes of m1.small and 500 minutes of m1.large build capacity for free, every month.

If you consume your entire monthly build quota before the end of the month, by default your Jenkins instance will simply refuse to perform any further builds until the next month starts. If you want to go beyond the monthly free quota, you have two options:

  1. You can update your account and add your credit card information. This action will unlock your account and you will be able to perform more builds at the price-per-minutes indicated below
  2. You can upgrade your account to the FOSS Premium plan described below

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Subscription Plans




Monthly Fees   Free $20.00
Jenkins Master
Exclusive Jenkins master  
Plugins   Any Any
Jenkins UI visible to public   Yes Yes
Jenkins Executors
# of Parallel Executors   1 Unlimited
Free m1.small Minutes/Month   2,000 5,000
Free m1.large Minutes/Month   500 1,000
Build Price (only once beyond quota, see above) m1.small $0.106/hour $0.106/hour
  m1.large $0.425/hour $0.425/hour
Forge Services
# of code repositories   10 25 and more
Disk, Users, Repositories
Disk Usage   10 Gb 50 Gb and more
# of users   unlimited unlimited
More disk, repositories or users? Upgrades   N/A See below
Silver - 2 business days    Stackoverflow Stackoverflow


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Additional Tiers - for ‘FOSS Premium’ subscriptions only


Disk Size Price per month
up to 50 GB included
up to 100 GB $63.00
up to 200 GB $112.00
up to 500 GB $245.00
additional tiers prices available
upon request


# of Repos Price per month
up to 25 included
up to 50 $67.50
up to 100 $120.00
up to 200 $210.00
additional tiers prices available
upon request


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