FOSS Program

At CloudBees, a group of us have a strong history of contributing and leading Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) projects. Consequently, we have first hand experience surrounding the challenges that FOSS projects present. As an open source developer, you want to focus on the features of your project and its quality — you don’t want to spend your time configuring and worrying about build and test servers.

To that end, we have created a program called FOSS Free. FOSS Free is a program that provides special pricing terms for our DEV@cloud development services.

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Under the FOSS Free program, we offer any FOSS project up to 2,000 minutes of m1.small and 500 minutes of m1.large build/test capacity, every month. We also offer SVN, Git and Maven repositories. All for free. If you need increased capacity, we also offer a for-pay offering at a highly reduced price compared to our commercial subscription plans.

What are we asking for in exchange? A short list of easily fulfilled requests:

  • That you put a “Built on DEV@cloud” or “Powered by CloudBees” logo on your project page (they are displayed on this page, to the right).
  • That you post to Facebook and Tweet about using DEV@cloud for your project, and include @CloudBees within the Tweet content.
  • That you engage in some communications activities surrounding your project, if asked to do so by CloudBees. As part of the communications, we would ask you to mention that you are using the CloudBees DEV@cloud solution.
  • From time to time, we may ask you to provide us with critical feedback on our services.

“Sounds great! Where do I sign up for FOSS Free?”

Right here! Just read our detailed program, first — then fill-in the registration form.