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Three Questions Every Engineering Leader Should be Able to Answer

As an engineering manager, Dorra Bouchiha often participates in status meetings and monthly/quarterly business review meetings to assess how the team is progressing against goals and milestones. To prep for those meetings, it can be easy to spend a considerable amount of time and energy gathering information from JIRA, GitHub, and personal notes to consolidate it all into a deck of slides. Here are the top three pieces of information Dorra always looks to capture:

1. What did we deliver that matters to our customers and stakeholders?
2. What did we spend our time on?
3. What is getting in the way?

With CloudBees Engineering Efficiency, Dorra has the data readily available in one place to have meaningful conversations with business partners and leadership. Download this free whitepaper to get a better understanding of how Dorra uses CloudBees Engineering Efficiency to optimize her time and work.

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