The Future Is Now: CI/CD On Kubernetes

Thanks to the rise of microservice, container-first development and GitOps, new challenges are arising in continuous delivery. CI/CD practices are just now reaching adoption maturity in many organizations, but the market is moving fast. This emerging generation of cloud native technologies will require organizations of all sizes to expand their skill set and evolve their CD practices to stay relevant.

Cloud native applications have two profound impacts on DevOps:

  1. Containers make it possible for developers to iterate on software quickly due to their composable nature

  2. Microservices enable development teams to build multiple applications faster at unprecedented levels of scale

These changes create incredible opportunity, and introduce new DevOps challenges. Download this free Jenkins X white paper, “The Future is Now” to understand the critical need for a CI/CD platform purpose-built for the types of practices that teams must adopt to optimize the potential of their cloud native applications.

Download the whitepaper

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