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Using Value Stream Management to Optimize DevOps Workflow

While DevOps is acknowledged as delivering on an organization’s innovation goals, many organizations are discovering, simply ‘doing’ DevOps does not always lead to innovation nirvana. By employing Value Stream Management, organizations can focus on the value delivered at each step in their process, define an optimum stream for their given scenario, and get the best results at a reduced cost.

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll look at how Value Stream Management offers a roadmap towards better, faster software delivery and operational excellence. We consider:

  • The importance of visibility and insight across all value streams to effectively measure and manage DevOps performance.

  • How to access key benchmark metrics and track performance as a basis to learn, improve, and deliver better results at reduced costs.

  • Practical examples and real-world case studies to show how Value Stream Management can be part of an organization’s innovation journey.

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