Scaling DevOps for Enterprises with GitHub and CloudBees

We are living in an era where enterprises are embracing the DevOps model of software delivery. During the Webinar Cojan van Ballegooijen and Bas Peters will point out how organizations can achieve best practices for enterprise DevOps by deploying a distributed enterprise continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline architecture powered by GitHub and CloudBees.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How practicing DevOps is made easy with GitHub and CloudBees
  • GitHub and CloudBees will demonstrate the quickstart
  • You can setup and build your CI/CD very fast using the provided quickstart afterwards


Cojan van Ballegooijen
Solutions Architect at CloudBees
GitHub: @cvanballegooijen

Cojan van Ballegooijen is a Solutions Architect at CloudBees and works primarily with CloudBees customers in EMEA region. He’s serving as a liaison for all CloudBees solutions between customers/prospects, and CloudBees sales/support/engineering. He has worked in many different roles and on many different projects directly or indirectly related to CI/CD and DevOps.

Bas Peters
Solutions Engineer at GitHub
GitHub: @bas

Bas Peters is a Solutions Engineer at GitHub, where he helps organizations to use GitHub to “learn, share and work together” to build software. He has been a software developer and consultant for over 15 years. Before joining GitHub, he worked for several software companies and business consultancies. He is based out of Amsterdam.

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