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Managing and Maintaining a DevOps Assembly Line

Today, most organizations use many tools to develop and deploy software. However this often leads to a fragmented environment where different groups manually kick off scripts to trigger activities in each stage of the development lifecycle. In order to eliminate inefficiency, it’s important to create an assembly line for software creation much like Ford did with the automobile industry, reducing the time it took to assemble a car from 12 hours to 90 minutes.

The software industry however, differs because each team of developers need their own tools to create specialized solutions. While an assembly line makes sense for automobiles using the same chassis, software needs to adjust to changing needs of the customer and thus support different platforms and frameworks. How can you manage an assembly line for tens to hundreds of different teams, while enabling them all to ship software, continuously?

The goal of this talk is to try to help you understand:

  • How to architect and integrate the tools needed to support CI/CD

  • Define pipelines that tie together all the parts needed to create software

  • How to create a pipeline that takes code, tests and deploys it into production

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