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CI/CD for Cloud Native Applications on Kubernetes

Teams often spend days manually setting up Jenkins pipelines and implementing continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) effectively. In this webinar, you will learn an automated approach to develop and deliver cloud native apps on Kubernetes, including:

  • The pillars of continuous everything (integration | testing | delivery | deployment)

  • Jenkins declarative pipeline-as-code and other best of breed solutions involving Helm, Skaffold, Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud etc.

  • GitOps, a great way to manage environments, applications and app versions

Our speaker, Juni Mukherjee, is a thought citizen in the DevOps space, and is a product marketer at CloudBees. She has helped small, medium, and large organizations implement the continuous paradigm and has led projects that improve Time2Market. She has worked across diverse domains like identity, security, media, advertisement, retail, camera, phone, banking, and insurance.

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