CloudBees Rollout

CloudBees Rollout

Manage, Release, and Measure Features At Scale

Decouple Releases

Rollout and rollback features on any platform - even mobile apps - regardless of deployment restrictions. 

Test & Target

Test features in production environments against custom user segments to get real feedback, quickly.

Gradual Rollout/Rollback

Introduce new features and  leverage target groups, to expose users gradually. Measure  performance with just a few users, then crank up the dial to dozens or hundreds.

A Secure Feature Management System for the Enterprise

Accelerate development and minimize the risk of deploying new code with simple to create feature flags & controlled rollouts.

Powerful Feature Flag Management

Create rich deployment rules based on a percentage or target audiences, use Boolean or String based flags whether it’s an experiment, flag or remote config.

Deep Segmentation & Custom Rules Engine

Deploy features to different segments of your user base, segment by ANY property or attribute, create static and dynamic segments.

Wide Platform & Language Support

Rollout has SDK’s in most backend & frontend languages with the most support for all edge device platforms. All of Rollout SDK’s are statically typed.

Blazing Fast SDKs Propagate In Real-Time

Rollout uses a stateless architecture + Server-Sent Event (SSE) to handle hundreds of millions of end devices / users while delivering all feature flags changes to the end devices in milliseconds.

Unified Feature Deployment Solution

Control variables, flags, and experiments from a single platform. Easily migrate a configuration to an experiment and vice-versa, use the same segmentation capabilities across all your remote changes.

Enterprise-Grade Security and Privacy

Rollout is SOC2 Type II certified. Your customer data is never sent back to Rollout service, rollout uses asymmetric encryption keys to ensure config data authentically

Built for Engineers & Modern Software Teams

  • Statically typed SDK (where applicable)

  • Control flags from within the development environment without going to an external dashboard

  • Code flags, see them automatically in the dashboard, no need to configure flags twice

IoT & Mobile Device Feature Management Support

Mobile & IoT applications are different than web applications, Rollout was built for edge devices and their unique characteristics with full native support across various platforms such as iOS, Android, Roku, Xbox and more.

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Rollout supports multiple clients and backend platforms. Add feature level control across your entire stack.


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