Deliver Quality Products and Features On-Time

Plan, prioritize and manage the on-time delivery of products and features with CloudBees SDM

Unify Processes Across Tools and Teams to Manage Software Delivery for Your Entire Organization

Get full visibility

Have one view of all product and feature development across multiple tools

Deliver on-time

Plan and manage end-to-end development activity to deliver features on time

Drive governance

Define policies to drive governance within your software delivery process

Track and Manage All Software Delivery

Managing multiple projects across multiple teams and tools requires enormous time and effort to get an accurate view of software delivery progress and status.

By linking teams, tools and processes, you'll have one central place to more easily view, plan, prioritize and manage the on-time delivery of products and features without having to access information from multiple tools.

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Get full visibility of all product and feature delivery

CloudBees SDM provides a central view of all product and feature development across the organization, leveraging information and data from all the tools in your toolchain. You'll get visibility and insights into the effectiveness of your software delivery process.

  • A central view of all product and feature development

  • Insights on jobs, builds, repositories and pull requests

  • Identify failed builds and stalled pull requests slowing progress

Manage the efficient delivery of features

Have complete visibility into features for a related product. See priority level, progress and the amount of development work remaining before completion. Address any blockages to ensure the on-time delivery of features.

  • Feature prioritization and status towards delivery

  • See all artifacts, contributors and dependencies

  • Identify issues that put delivery deadlines at risk

Drive governance and compliance of software delivery

Create policies to trigger actions driving governance and best practices. Help product teams and stakeholders define better ways of working to improve your software delivery process.

  • Define rules to drive specific actions during development

  • Monitor and take action on code security and quality

  • Identify where policy violations occur, in order that appropriate action can be taken

Key Features

Reporting engine

Leverage standard and custom queries to visualize data about the SDLC

Policy engine

Define rules and actions to drive governance and best practices

App framework

Configure, store and define new data sets from other third-party tools

Flexibility to Embrace, Not Replace, Your Existing Toolchain

Access Information Across All Tools

CloudBees is a flexible platform that allows your product teams to use the best-in-class tools they want to use, to get the job done. Easy integration lets you: Utilize a flexible common data model and interface Connect and correlate data from across all tools for full visibility Leverage the investments made in your current toolset  Link other third-party or new tools through the app framework

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