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CloudBees Feature Management for Retail & Online Services

Create faster, more personalized retail experiences by delivering features progressively at scale using feature flags.

Go beyond lightweight on-page customizations and start experimenting and delivering at the feature level. Getting better features out with less risk is not impossible -- it's the reality of enterprise feature management.

CloudBees Feature Management is designed to help retailers become as nimble as possible to deliver faster, more personalized shopping experiences that their customers expect.

Using feature flags at scale decouples feature deployment from release, and allows smaller targeted releases and experimentation, and A/B testing to ensure you're getting out better features safely that are guaranteed to be in tune with what your customers want.

Feature Management Benefits

Flexible Progressive Delivery

Dynamically release features on your terms using an automated percentage rollout or any version split that you want, gathering feedback from users along the way. Learn five essentials for building a repeatable progressive delivery practice at enterprise scale. With this foundation, your organization can start adopting, embracing and benefiting from enterprise progressive delivery. 5 Things You Need to Get Started with Enterprise Progressive Delivery

Advanced User Testing

Gain valuable, highly targeted feedback about how real customers use new features by rolling them out to users based on any criteria in your database, such as company, geography or version.

Feature Management Resources

CloudBees: Embracing software for retail survival

Progressive delivery techniques, tied together with the rest of software development practices in digital transformation, can give retailers a permanent technological foundation to stay ahead of any future technological trends. 

Navigating the Post-COVID Retail Landscape with Better Software

Join Wijnand Jongen, President of Ecommerce Europe and bestseller author, and Nick Rendall, Product Marketing Manager at CloudBees to learn about the role software and enterprise progressive delivery plays into enabling a future-ready retail landscape. 

5 Things you Need to Get Started with Enterprise Progressive Delivery

Get faster, safer feature releases on a targeted or rolling basis within production. Learn the 5 essentials for building a repeatable progressive delivery practice at enterprise scale.

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"With CloudBees Feature Management, we are constantly comparing things based on different platforms, how different programs are running on then, and what we can learn from the other."
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