CloudBees Jenkins Team

Continuous delivery with peace of mind

Rock-Solid Jenkins Supported by the Experts


Rock-solid Jenkins distribution

New features delivered monthly on the stable, verified CloudBees Jenkins distribution for worry-free upgrades


Verified integrations

Integrate your tools using the Jenkins plugin ecosystem while CloudBees Assurance Program (CAP) ensures quality interoperability


24/7 expert technical support

Get support from Jenkins experts, so you can focus on delivering great software - not troubleshooting


Verified Jenkins Distribution for Peace of Mind


Monthly releases enable speed

Open source delivers fixes and features through frequent community-driven releases. Traditionally, teams requiring stability are unable to benefit from the rapid pace of open source. CloudBees provides monthly incremental releases to continuously deliver security patches, bug fixes and features. You get the speed of open source with the confidence you require.

Verification provides stability

Uncertainty and instability result in downtime that impacts your ability to deliver software. CloudBees eliminates uncertainty with end-to-end verification of the Jenkins core and plugins, identifying relevant updates and security fixes. You get a robust Jenkins, less risk in your software delivery and the confidence to deploy Jenkins organization-wide.

24/7 Support for Jenkins and Community Plugins

Access to Jenkins support

Receive engineer-to-engineer help and guidance from the Jenkins experts at CloudBees, many of whom are Jenkins-certified and also Jenkins committers. Find out more about our service level agreement.


Customer success management

Get the most out of your subscription with proactive engagement from Customer Success Managers and Technical Success Managers. They will get you off to a successful start and ensure ongoing success.


Jenkins training

From entry-level to advanced Jenkins training, get access to self-paced courses delivered in a multi-media, online environment. Free training for our customers.


CloudBees Assurance Program (CAP)

Eliminate plugin conflicts

Plugins don’t always play nice with each other. We force them to. We test and verify a set of community plugins, individually and in combination with each other, ensuring interoperability between them.

Boring upgrades

We remove the risk associated with upgrades by recommending verified Jenkins components and warning you of potential conflicts, creating a smooth and worry-free upgrade experience.