CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise

Continuous delivery at scale

Cloud Native Continous Delivery as a Service

Operate Jenkins as an elastic, shared service in your enterprise

Provision, build and test in minutes

In the application economy, organizations must deliver software faster. Waiting for build and test servers slows software delivery and results in loss of competitive edge. Private SaaS Edition enables teams to provision servers in minutes instead of hours or days.

Scalability to grow with teams and projects of any size

As Jenkins usage grows beyond a few projects, the ability to scale becomes costly and cumbersome. CloudBees provides failover and high availability features to keep software delivery continuous, whether you are running 10 or 10,000 builds per day.

Free your developers to deliver faster

As Jenkins adoption spreads, your team spends valuable time installing, configuring and maintaining independent Jenkins instances. Private SaaS Edition provides Jenkins as a Service so teams can focus on development.