High Availability Plugin


When a Jenkins master fails (due to software or hardware crashes), it results in extended downtime for the entire product team. Administrators detect these failures manually or through homegrown scripts. Once a failure is noticed, administrators scamper to get the master up as quickly as possible; this process is often manual and easily takes more than a few hours. On larger projects, the downtime experienced from a failure can be the equivalent of several days of lost project time.


The High Availability plugin, offered within the CloudBees Jenkins Platform, eliminates downtime due to master failures. Multiple Jenkins masters act as backups waiting for a primary master failure. Once a failure is detected, a backup master automatically boots up and acts as a failover.The best part? Project work continues.

With this feature, failure detection and recovery is automatic and requires no intervention from administrators or their home-grown scripts. Additionally, this feature can be used to do rolling upgrades of Jenkins.

The Restart Aborted Builds plugin complements the functionality offered within the High Availability plugin.